Starter Kit with Motion

by Sof-tek
Backorder: 2-5 week factory lead time

The Starter Kit is a basic kit with standard Inputs and outputs, and some physical switches and LEDs. It will get you started in Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC programming and settings. Additionally, basic safety modules are included to get started with TwinSAFE PLC programming. This system has a single servo motor included in it that demonstrates using motion along with safety and basic digital I/O.


The Following components are included:


The Starter Kit includes:

  1. Beckhoff Industrial PC Single Core C6015
  2. EL1004 Standard 4 Ch Input
  3. EL2004  Standard 4 Ch Output
  4. 4 Switches and 4 LEDs

TwinSafe Portion

  1. Beckhoff TwinSafe Logic Controller, EL6900
  2. Beckhoff TwinSafe 4CH Output, EL2904
  3. Beckhoff TwinSafe 4CH Input, EL1904
  4. E-Stop Pushbutton

Motion Portion

  1. Beckhoff EL7201 Servomotor Terminal with CoE.
  2. Beckhoff AM8111-0F10-000 Servomotor.