SOF-99-104 Thermocouple (TC) Trainer

by Sof-tek
TC Trainer by SOF-TEK Integrators, Inc. is a
platform designed for learning, experimenting and
developing EtherCAT based temperature
measurement and control applications. The TC
Trainer includes a power supply, a Beckhoff CX9020
CPU, 4 thermocouple inputs, 4 digital outputs as
well as sample temperature control software with a
tutorial intended to help the user become familiar
with the TwinCAT 3 IDE and such topics as
configuring EtherCAT Bus Masters, establishing
links to slave devices, as well as a basic
understanding of structured text (ST)

SOF-TEK TC Trainer
• 1x Beckhoff CX9020-0115, 1GHz ARM
Cortex A8 CPU 1GB DDR RAM with
512MB Micro SD
• 1x Beckhoff EL2004, 4 Channel Digital
• 1x Beckhoff EL3314, 4 Channel
Thermocouple Input
• PULS ML30-241, 24-28V DC Power
Supply, 1.3-1.1A, 30W
• 4 Type-K Thermocouple Jacks and 4
Green LEDs in a gray enclosure, DIN
Rail mounted
• 4 Type-K Thermocouple Probes